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Barry Lewis
Curves and Jars

Cat. No: MPSCD002

Fractal Dice Music
The twenty short pieces and two longer compositions which constitute "Curves and Jars" are based upon a series of eight-note melodies. These were generated randomly by a dice algorithm, using the 1/f noise equation formulated by Voss. The melodies are randomly correlated - they do not sound as erratic as music based upon white noise, nor as rigid as music based upon brown noise.

The 1/f noise equation is found in nature, in the geometry of irregular forms such as coastlines, rivers, clouds and star clusters.

Taking my cue from this suggestive meeting of order and chaos, I imposed familiar musical grids upon the fractal melodies, using computer software. I divided the material into "Curves" and "Jars", two shorthand terms for music which is predominantly ambient or rhythmic.

Barry Lewis

barry 1

T R A C K  L I S T:
1. Billows Upon Billows (2:47)
2. Celestial Mechanics (2:43)
3. Koch Island (2:27)

4. Vortex Stretching (2:18)
5. Zipf Law (2:17)
6. Peano Curves (1:55)
7. Wisps (2:06)
8. Random Walk (1:53)
9. Cirri (1:13)
10. Julia Curves (20:16)
11. Laminar (1:41)
12. Pareto Distribution (1:57)
13. Lexodromic (2:26)
14. Hexa-Squigs (2:15)
15. Blazing Sky Effect (2:24)
16. Kurtosis of Turbulence (2:00)
17. Lattice (2:16)
18. Strange Attractors (2:22)
19. Agglutination (2:22)
20. Leyden Jars (14:30)

Credits: All tracks composed and performed by Barry Lewis.

(C) & (P) 1994 MPS Music & Video. 

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Rosegarth, Hetton Road, Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne and Wear, DH5 8JN, England

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